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2021知道智慧树看美剧,学口语课后答案 12361万字 921人读过丨 连载




当执行以下过程时,美剧在窗体上将显示( )。Private Sub Command1_Click()Print \\\"VB\\\"Print \\\"Hello!\\\";Print \\\"VB\\\"End Sub

在窗体上添加一个命令按钮Command1和一个文本框Text1,口语课后把文本框的Text属性设置为空白,口语课后然后编写如下事件过程:Private Sub Command1_Click()a = InputBox(\\\"Enter an Integer\\\")b = InputBox(\\\"Enter an Integer\\\")Text1.Text = b + aEnd Sub程序运行后,单击命令按钮,如果在输入对话框中分别输入8和10,则文本框中显示的内容是( )。







有下列程序,知道智慧程序运行后的输出结果是( )。#include int main(){int x=0,y=2, z=3;switch(x){case 0: switch(y==2){case 1: printf(\\\"*\\\"); break;case 2: printf(\\\"%\\\"); break;}case 1: switch(z){case 1: printf(\\\"$\\\");case 2: printf(\\\"*\\\"); break;default: printf(\\\"#\\\");}}}

假设已经正确引入了相应库,美剧则表达式(\\\"\\\".join([choice(string.digits) for i in range(4)])).isalpha()的输出结果是____________。


【多选题】如下程序片段功能是将任意输入的三个整数a,b,c,口语课后按从小到大的顺序输出;则划线处需要填写_________. int a,b,c,t; printf(\\\"输入三个整数:\\\\n\\\"); sca

答案Which of the following was first called an \\\'anchorman\\\' on the television news?

知道智慧So you want to go to Mars? Here\\\'ssomething to think about. You\\\'re going to have to eat and drink the samethings, over and over again. What comes out of your body will have to go backin again, day after day after day. NASA estimates that it would take more than13 tons of water, food and air to keep one person in space for one year. So athree-person crew on a two-year mission to Mars would need to take along atleast 78 tons of stuff just to stay alive. That isn\\\'t going to happen,according to John Warwick, chairman of the Department of EnvironmentalEngineering Sciences at the University of Florida, who heads up an innovativenew NASA project. No one\\\'s going to Mars unless the pay load of life-sustaining( 生命维持 )necessities can be greatly reduced, hesays. \\\"When you go to Mars, you\\\'re looking at being gone for a long periodof time,\\\" Warwick says, and it wouldn\\\'t be possible to carry enough water,let alone food, to keep you alive. \\\"There\\\'s no way you can afford tolaunch the quantity of water that would be required.\\\" The answer, he says,is to come up with the ultimate in recycling technologies. Everything will haveto be recycled, from packaging materials to human wastes, both liquid andsolid. Warwick is director of the newlyestablished Environmental Systems Commercial Space Technology Center on theGainesville campus of the University of Florida. The center is funded by NASAfor five years to the tune of $2.5million. Its purpose is twofold: to meet theneeds of NASA for the level of recycling that will be necessary for long-termspace flight, and at the same time develop technologies that can be used hereon Earth. NASA has already experimented with recycling of waste water,including human urine ( 尿液 ), and theInternational Space Station is expected to use some recycling. But the spacestation can be resupplied fairly easily because it will remain close to theEarth, so the urgency there is not as great as for a trip to Mars that couldtake at least two years. So the task facing Warwick and his colleagues is totake it to the next level. Other partners in the center include the Universityof North Carolina, North Carolina State University and the University ofCentral Florida, and ten corporations with expertise in recycling. 1. Which is NOT true according to the passage? A) The best way to solve the surviving problem on Mars is to use recycling technologies. B) To survive on Mars you have to bring a huge quantity of food and water there. C) Even human urine will have to be recycled on Mars. D) A trip to Mars could take at least two years. 2. The Environmental Systems Commercial Space Technology Center was funded by NASA in order to ____________. A) develop recycling technologies for Earth B) develop recycling technologies for both long-term space flight and use on Earth C) train astronauts in recycling their waste D) prepare special food for long-term space flight 3. Sustaining life on the International Space Station is different from Mars because ____________. A) Mars is still an unknown planet B) it is more difficult to recycle things on Mars C) recycling is not needed on the space station D) the space station remains close to the Earth and can be easily resupplied 4. What does the italicized phrase \\\"heads up\\\" in Para. 1 mean? A) Leads. B) Creates. C) Decides. D) Maintains. 5. What does this passage mainly talk about? A) Developing recycling technologies for space programs. B) Human activities on Mars. C) The importance of resupplying space station. D) The difference between Mars and the International Space Station. (10.0分)

美剧【单选题】长拳劲力要顺达.需从\\\"三节\\\"着手.从上肢来说手是( )

口语课后长拳劲力要顺达.需从\\\'三节\\\'着手.从上肢来说手是( )


【单选题】Windows 下的\\\"写字板\\\"功能是()

【单选题】With approximate 1.2 billion people in 2016, Africa accounts for about __________ of the world\\\'

With approximate 1.2 billion people in 2016, Africa accounts for about __________ of the world\\\'s human population.

Which initiative has been endorsed at the G20 Leaders\\\' Communiqué?

Which country signed \\\'Digital Silk Road\\\' cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform project with Chinese company?


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