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礼仪文化修养知道智慧树2021试题及答案 1万字 38人读过丨 连载




文化The effect of TV is particularly strong on younger viewers.A.TrueB.False

修养Parents believe that television provides their children with good role models.A.TrueB.Fals

知道智慧Parents worry about violence on television because it may convince children that violence

树21试American television is criticized for its explicit sexuality.A.TrueB.False


题及Although sexuality was a major problem in the 1950s, it is much better today.A.TrueB.False

答案What are the two speakers discussing?A.How proverbs are created.B.Why people don't use pro

礼仪Why do the Americans have fewer proverbs now?A.They don't have a rich culture.B.They find

文化Who has a more developed culture according to the speaker?A.Mayans.B.Arabians.C.North Amer

修养What's the talk mainly about?A.The reason for the popularity of parrots.B.The way to teach


知道智慧The glass vessels should be handled most carefully since they are______.A.crispB.intricate

树21试All of us hated all forms of_____. on the basis of race and sex.A.dominationB.discriminati

题及You have to see these changes in______: they're part of a larger plan.A.precedenceB.contex

答案She strongly______the government's hypocrisy in dealing with the Israeli-Palestine issue.A

礼仪Several months have______and I haven't gathered enough materials for my thesis.A.escapedB.


After investigation it was proved that the______letter was written by a teacher.A.anonymou

Only you'd better work______others can you accomplish the work in time.A.in accord withB.i

The rain sent all the farmers who were working in the fields______for shelter.A.scampering

We all wanted to go tomorrow, but he had to be______, and chose to go today.A.perverseB.pe

The children like to______the new English teacher, who has a noticeable manner of walking.


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It can be inferred from the news that ______.A.people have been doubtful about Tyson's box


The Chinese government took effective measures______the worst earthquake in Sichuan.A.in t




Why does the man have to go to the office twice?A.The director couldn't give him an appoin