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知道智慧章节That a different component part of the vaccine is necessary is principally due to the vari

操作测试Europe's earlier industrial growth was______by the availability of key resources, abundant

系统Retirement is obviously a very complex______period; and the earlier you start planning for

答案Despite almost universal______of the vital importance of women's literacy, education remai

知道智慧章节If Japan______its relation with that country it will have to find another supplier of raw


操作测试The idea is to______the frequent incidents of collision to test the strength of the wind s

系统Mutual respect for territorial______is one of the bases upon which our two countries devel

答案We all enjoy our freedom of choice and do not like to see it______when it is within the le

知道智慧章节It is fortunate for the old couple that their son's career goals and their wishes for him_

操作测试The early pioneers had to many hardships to settle on the new land.A.go throughB.go back o


系统Why will American need to expoit food in 1997?A.Because the farmers will need a lot of mon

答案Which of the following can best describe the author's tone?A.Pessimistic.B.Cheerful.C.Exci

知道智慧章节听力原文:Man: Good afternoon. It is time for Face to Face. This week, Sonia Kay talks to J

操作测试Jim says that the problem with meetings is that theyA.always go on for much too long.B.are

系统Why did Jim lose his previous job?A.There were problems with punctuality.B.There were disa


How did Jim's employment with Hacker begin?A.He started a new branch in the UK.B.He went t

Jim thinks that the perfect workerA.has a lot of new ideas.B.is young and ambitious.C.fits

Why does Jim have lunch in his office?A.He doesn't want a long break.B.He likes to eat ear

What new development is happening in the company this year?A.They are focusing on selling

Jim never works late at his office becauseA.he wants to spend his evenings entertaining cl


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